"So walk on air against your better judgement"
                                         Seamus Heaney

  Christian-Frédéric Bloquert is a French composer of film scores and contemporary concert music, and a conductor based in Los Angeles and Paris.

    Born in Paris, he was a raised in a multicultural environment and his situation made it such that he lived in France, the Dominican Republic, England, Australia and the United States. Having spent significant portions of his life in various parts of the world, Bloquert frequently draws from the influences of the cultures around him to develop a unique compositional voice that can be clearly heard through his music.

   As a contemporary concert composer, he primarily writes for orchestra though he has written a number of chamber pieces for winds, string quartet, and piano. His works have been performed by the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra, the MIVOS Quartet, the JACK Quartet, the PHACE Ensemble, Irvin Arditti, the Symphony Orchestra of the National Theatre of Brasilia. During his studies he primarily studied Dr. Richard Carrick and Dr. Andrew List.

  As a film composer he has worked on various projects ranging from traditional film scores to, most recently, a musical feature. Building on his work as a musical theatre music director, he is currently working on his first musical feature film.

   His skills as a conductor has led him to serve as the Music Director for the Motion Picture Orchestra, the Berklee Musical Theatre Orchestra and as an Assistant Conductor for the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra.