Piano Trio & Clarinet
6 min
Cl - Vln - Vcl - Pno

Eva is an artificial intelligence, created by scientists in their quest to develop consciousness. Though unsuccessful at first they persevered and, eventually, they create Eva.

The question then becomes: how can you prove that she is conscious or simply the product of her programming. Unbeknownst to her then, she is administered the Turing Test.

The test itself has no standard procedure but instead seeks to determine whether a human can discern that they are interacting with a computer. During the course of the examination, one of the scientists begins to fall in love with his creation, and so does his colleague. And thus develops a new age love triangle.

This unorthodox situation, at first, evolves with each participant, other than Eva, not having knowledge of the others’ positions. When an other scientists find out however, the news breaks and, in a spur of passion, one of the scientists who fell in love kills their colleague to protect their secret. And thus the two remain, in love with Eva and indeed, under her control...

Recent Performances

Ensemble PHACE - 19/06/19 - Brick5, Vienna

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