Fantastique Voyage

14 min - - 3xPerc - Pno - Hp - Stgs

During a voyage across the Atlantic, a vessel is caught in a storm. Worried and powerless, the passengers are gathered in the lower decks with nothing but their own company to steer their minds off of the danger. The storm is only growing worse and the anxiety of the room increases with every rock of the boat.

Without anyone taking particular notice, not that they would have cared much if they had, a young woman who appeared to be traveling alone stands, crosses the crowded hold and sits with the mothers and their children. The woman bore a subtle kindness on her face though her expression was marked by the complete lack of fear. If she was afraid she was hiding it well.

The frightened youngsters barely remarked her arrival but all we struck when we began talking. Gradually, the cries and whimpers that had filled the space not but moments ago faded out until all that was left was her voice and the strain of the structure around them. She told stories. Some were true, some were legends, some were wild and others were magical.

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