The Mechanics of Matter

17 min
1.1.1 - 1.1.1 - 2xPerc -

Matter, though it may seem, is never still, and when it moves, the gestures it creates form a unique beauty that is both familiar and unpredictable. Depending on its environment, matter behaves differently, shifting between its fundamental states to the will of its surroundings.

At first the movement is slight, almost invisible. Then as it absorbs energy and the structures break down allowing matter to flow freely. As more energy is absorbed, the movement paradoxically becomes perceptively calmer; the gesture are so broad and widely spread that we can only perceive a fraction them. At this point, matter fills the space it is in, occupying its surroundings until it reaches its tipping point. Here matter becomes concentrated energy that cannot be contained. The release is focused, powerful and brief, leaving behind it the remanence of a physical artefact that has now been entirely disappeared into the entropy of the universe.

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