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Polaire I

9 min - - 3xPerc - Pno - Hp - Stgs

Written for the Orchestra of the National Theatre of Brasília

There is an insatiable calm hanging over the Arctic. To the naked eye, the landscape appears immobile and serene. To those who venture there the beauty is infinite and the magic it harbours even more so; life move slowly but it is unmistakeable in its grace.

Loud rumbles slice through the silence, and with no warning on the impending carnage, the ice collapses from beneath as if it had given up and no longer wished to sustain its own weight. It tumbles downward and hits the water with a ferocious impact. The water absorbs the once majestic piece of land and settles slowly as if nothing had happened. The calm returns. Another rumble pierces the air and this times takes with it the remainder of the prominent headland. The surroundings begin to shatter in succession like dominos and the landscape is rapidly unformed.

Once again the sea absorbs the mass with no complaint or effort and the silence take over once more.

Recent Performances

Orquestra Sinfônica do Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoro - 8/10/19 - Cine Brasília, Brasília

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