Christian-Frédéric Bloquert is a French composer and a conductor based in Los Angeles and Paris.

  Born in Paris, he followed his family from country to country, growing up in France, the Dominican Republic, England, Australia and now the United State. Having spent significant portions of his life in various parts of the world, Bloquert draws from the influences of the cultures around him to drive his work.

  Although he has written many chamber pieces, he passionately writes for the orchestra, constantly seeking new methods of expression by often experimenting with the introduction of modern instruments. As a guitarist, he has also sought to explore the possibilities brought about by such a unique instrument that is seldom written for through a number of solo works. His works have been performed by the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra, the MIVOS Quartet, the PHACE Ensemble and the Symphony Orchestra of the National Theatre of Brasilia amongst others.

  A cinephile, he has a deep appreciation and respect for the integrity of films that is apparent in his approach to writing scores.

  He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music where he primarily studied with Dr. Richard Carrick and Dr. Andrew List.


General Enquiries
Ph: +1 (857) 316 - 7582 (USA)
Ph: +33 7 69 79 58 92 (France)
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Composer | Conductor